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JKR's Army works with many eBay customers each year to identify fraud and facilitate recovery of monies paid under fraudulent conditions.  We fully support J.K. Rowling's suit against eBay.  Read about it on this page.  To return to our home page, use your browser's "back" button, or click on our logo above.  If you have jumped here from another web site, why not take a look around after you check out our petition?  Start at our home page by clicking on our blue logo above!


By now, most of you know that J.K. Rowling has sued eBay India for copyright infringement.  This issue revolves around the seller's reluctance to police the sale of pirated Harry Potter e-books on their web site.

According to the stories I've read, Indian law is worded such that eBay is a little more vulnerable while operating there.  If they are found guilty in this suit, it will be the first time they have been successfully held accountable for what is posted for sale.  It could open the door for holding them accountable for other items, such as forged signatures.

If you support the actions taken by J.K. Rowling, please let eBay know!



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