NECA Toy Show 2007


Kathy attended the recent toy show in New York City and brought these wonderful photos of the new Harry Potter toy prototypes back with her.  These new toys look like they will make fun, quality additions to any Harry Potter Collection.  They will be going on sale in May and Kathy's shop, Christmas Year Round will carry everything you see except the Tonner Dolls.  Kathy always offers discounts to Army members.  Her report follows.  To return to the main menu, use your browser's back button or use the navigation buttons at the bottom of this page.

"I was delighted to view the new products introduced by NECA. The detailing on all their products was right-on.  NECA will introduce 7" action figures, Series I, in March and Series II, coming May, both will retail for $19.99. About a month prior to the release of OOTP, NECA will release more products, including plush, lunch boxes, Platform 9 3/4 and Three Broomsticks signs, Monster Book of Monsters, pillows, prints and much more. Prices have not been released on all items yet but they should be reasonably priced.  Tonner Dolls introduced Draco Malfoy and Dobby, together with the Quidditch Box containing bludger, snitch, and quaffle.  Both NECA and Tonner have introduced their versions of the Tri-Wizard Cup. Tonner's will be larger and more expensive, but NECA will be a very good likeness for the budget."


Action Figure Harry

Action Figure Harry

Action Figure Sirius

Action Figure Snape

Action Figure Hagrid

Action Figure Sirius - Close

Action Figure Dementor (?)

Action Figure Dementor (?) - Close

Signs from Our Favorite Places

Graveyard Action Set

Graveyard Action Set - Close

Action Sets - Series I and II

Action Figures

Death Eaters and Dementors

Action Figure Harry - Close

Action Figure Snape - Close

Lunch Boxes

Pillows and Hat

Tonner Draco and Harry

Plush Toy Figures

More Great Plush Toys

...and More Great Plush Toys!

Plush Monster Book of Monsters!

Tonner Quidditch Harry

Display Only - The Goblet of Fire

Tonner Yule Ball Ron

Tonner Yule Ball Ron - Close

Tonner Hogwarts Ron

Tonner Dobby

Tonner Accessory - TriWIzard Cup

Tonner Draco Malfoy

Tonner Yule Ball Harry - Close

Tonner Hogwarts Ron - Close

Tonner Accessory - Quidditch Gear



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