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Here are the collectibles some of our members treasure the most.  If you are a member, and would like to submit photos, make sure they are sized no bigger than 30K and send them to me here.  Click on our logo to return to the home page.





Kathy owns this great Daniel Radcliffe signature.  For more information on Dan's signature, see the restricted section of our library.


Kathy makes her own frames and paints them in house colors.


Here's a great selection of Harry Potter collectibles, including the wonderful 18" dragon produced by Gentle Giant.


More collectibles, including a very magical water globe.


Kathy sells HP collectibles, including trading cards, gentle giant figurines, and these Mary GrandPre glicees.  They are limited editions and signed by the artist.  There is a link to Kathy's "Christmas Year Round" shop in our Library section.










I am a very graphics-oriented person and I like to collect images from the HP world.  This is the U.S. poster from the first movie.  It has been signed by artist Drew Struesman.  He also created the posters for such movies as "Star Wars" and "Raiders of the Lost Ark".


I like mixing promo items and images from the movies with my books.  Once again, I think this is because I am graphics-oriented.


This is one of my favorites: an envelop from the set of Philosopher's Stone which was signed by Daniel Radcliffe during the filming of "Prisoner of Azkaban".  It has a great pedigree and it's one of Dan's neater signatures while retaining the characteristics that mark it as authentic.  It is framed with a promo poster and photo from the first movie.


This is my very favorite item.  It's the handbag J.K. Rowling carried to the movie premiere of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.  It was donated to a charity, which auctioned it off.  The buyer re-donated it and it was then sold on eBay.  I have grouped it here with a photo from the premiere which includes the handbag and a ticket from the same evening.






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