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Here are the collectibles some of our members treasure the most.  If you are a member, and would like to submit photos, make sure they are sized no bigger than 30K and send them to me here.  Click on our logo to return to the home page.




Hayley was able to the premiere of "Goblet of Fire" in New York City.  Here she has framed her ticket, some photos and a great set of cast autographs from that evening.





One of Jeff's favorite items is this envelope from the set of HP 1.  This is one of the envelopes seen flying through the air at number 4 Privet Drive


Here's a rarity - a poster with AUTHENTIC signatures!  This one was obtained just before the release of HP-5 and features lots of great signatures.


This is a first printing U.S. "Goblet of Fire" which includes a wonderful original color sketch by artist Mary GrandPre.  It has also been signed.  Only 25 of these books were commissioned.





Autographed CoS Promo Diary - This diary was signed during the filming of Azkaban and obtained from HP4U.


Comic Con binder and card, snow globes, CoS promo items, and call sheet signed by a young Dan Radcliffe!  Jill's signed call sheet is an authentic treasure  As a rule, though, 99% of the signed call sheets you see for sale are forgeries.  It is best to avoid them as well as "signed" scripts, which are 100% forgeries.


Tonner doll, Prisoner of Azkaban promo Tea Set and a Hogwart's portrait.


The lovely WB Snitch, prop envelope from Sorcerer's Stone, memento from the Elephant House Tea Shop and photo signed by Chris Rankin (Percy Weasley).


These commemorative Warner Brothers snitches are very lovely, so I wanted to be sure to post this close up. They are an official, very limited WB item.





Alan Rickman rarely signs Harry Potter items. Joan is very fortunate to own this Order of the Phoenix with a great example of his signature.






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