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Here are the collectibles some of our members treasure the most.  If you are a member, and would like to submit photos, make sure they are sized no bigger than 30K and send them to me here.  Click on our logo to return to the home page.




This Studio 56 Quidditch Mobile is one of the cutest collectibles I've seen and it seems to be quite rare.


Here is Bobble-Head Dobby.  He was for promotional release only and is, therefore, relatively rare.



Gringott's Bank - This was Elizabeth's first collection piece. This is resin. You place a coin between Harry, Hagrid and Griphook and push the rock on the side. They travel down the rail and the rock opens to deposit your coins. To retract them, you pull the string in the back and begin again.


This set of book ends is quite rare.  It is called "Through the Train Station".  It can bring up to $250 on eBay.




Casting Stones were issued in relation to the release of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone".  Elizabeth has provided some close-ups of the various colors.  The final photo is of the rarest casting stone, which contained the Flying Snitch.








Harry Potter coins. The cased coins are replications of the the H.P. coins, but the other two are actual legal tender from the Isle of Man. On one side is the Queen of England and the other is a Harry Potter scene.





Battle of the Troll scene, Spell book (Hallmark), Hogwarts Train (it is a flash light), Harry Potter glasses and the sorting hat (it is a puppet hat) sit in display in Elzabeth's Hogwarts room.


Hogwarts folding scene of train. Opposite side has a scene of a compartment. A Royal Doulton Ravenclaw box, "Hagrid's gift" scene, various books and the Harry/Hermione book scene with her cat, Crookshanks.


Above the computer is are the various official picture  frames, the little wizard is Elizabeth's son. The scenic display is called the "Mirror of Erised", and there is a flying Harry Potter.  Below is the official chess set and the poster is her favorite "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" poster.


Hidden boxes or "Secret Keepers".  The scenes are Gringott's "thru the tunnel", Hermione's "Book Smart", Harry's "Sorting Hat",  "Snitch" and "Hedwig" all have open compartments with a brass charm inside.
This is the Hogwarts Castle. It is a porcelain replica and is part of the Harry Potter collection from ExMas out of Canada. You clap your hands and the lights and sounds of the castle begin.


Another porcelain tabletop collectable Hagrid's hut with built-in fiber optics of gradually changing colors and sound-triggered sound effect.


This is Elizabeth's Quiddich Playing field. The 3rd village scene made my ExMas out of Canada. Clap your hands and the lights change color and the crowd cheers!


Lithograph, "Pig Snout" - numbered and certified.


Elizabeth's prize possession - Life size Dobby. Dobby is a resin statue with all the details of our favorite house elf. He is about 2 feet tall and comes with the tea towel outfit. I personally like to give my house elf his freedom and thus dress him in the house Gryffindor scarf. He is also great for keeping the poltergeist in my room settled down!
Gringott's Saving Books - British and French versions. These were never promoted in the US. In Britain and in France, when you purchased Coke, you would get a set of coins. Collection of all 24 would complete your book and there is a place for trading coins in the back. These are both complete sets with extra coins to trade.


The sneak-o-scope collection. Ron, Fluffy, Hermione, and Harry Potter. Inside these looking holes each has its own story as you turn the dial.


Waterball collection. This is the "Norbert's Born". Beautiful scene!


Waterball collection - "Levitation" is also a beautiful scene with Hermione.


Waterball collection: "Potions".


Waterball collection - "Devil's Snare" Hermione cast her spell to save Harry and Ron from the entanglements of the Devils Snare.
Waterball collection:  "Through the Trap door".
A wonderful scene with Hermione playing the flute, Harry going down and Ron at the assistance.







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