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"I Would Not Buy That!" - A collection of signatures which yours truly would not buy.  I am not saying that they are forgeries, just that they are inconsistent with authenticated examples of the signatures.  As such, they would not be valued additions to my collection and they would also be tough to resell.


            Collecting Basics - Summary information on collecting the U.K. and U.S. Harry Potter books and on author and cast signatures.
  Book ISBN Numbers - Thanks to member Joan, we have a fairly good list of the various UK books which have been printed and their ISBN numbers.  By using the ISBN to identify which book is actually for sale, you can minimize accidental purchases due to misleading listings.
  Timeline - I WAS going to build a timeline, but I found this really cool one already on the web.  This link will take you to Accio Quote.  On the left hand side of the page, you will see years listed.  Click on the year and you will see a list of all events related to JKR for that year, including all appearances and signings.  This is a GREAT tool for checking to see when/where she was available to sign books, etc.  Text of most interviews is included.  This is a really nice web site.
  Preprints - How can you tell a preprinted signature from a hand-signed autograph?  We explain it here! 
Autograph Collecting Autograph Forum - Memorabilia UK 
  Is It Real? - Information on buying legitimate signatures. 
  UACC Hall of Shame - Lists Expelled & Censured Members and those who have misrepresented themselves as members.
Autograph Sellers

(Not necessarily endorsements)


Autograph Hunter 
  Celebrity Autographs 
  GM Authentic Autos - I whole-heartedly recommend these guys.  They are located just outside of New York City, USA and I have never seen them list a bad autograph.  I use them and I trust them.
  Race49Fan - Here's another autograph seller I can recommend personally.  They get all their signatures in person and PSA authentication comes included with many of their signatures.  If the signature you are looking for doesn't have authentication, it can be added before the item is shipped for about $25.  This seller obtain autographs around the Hollywood, California area.
Book Collecting "Firsts" Book Collecting Magazine 
  Basic Book Collecting Information
  Book Preservation Tips 
  Publisher's Information on Harry Potter Books 
  Other Author Signatures
  Searching for Books - Here are a few popular sites which offer the ability to search for used and collectible books. 

Book Sellers


Adrian Harrington Rare Books - Adrian Harrington runs a top notch book store in London. He has an extensive inventory of collectible HP books. Jon and Jonathan of his staff have always been very helpful.
  Amazon UK - If you don't necessarily want a first edition, but would love to own the British Harry Potter trade editions or the lovely UK Deluxe books, look here for good prices! 
  Bloomsbury Auctions - They run book auctions which often include  collectible Harry Potter books.  Be aware that they add a seller's fee onto the final value of the book they auction.  This fee is usually around 22%. 
  Bookbid Rare Books - Bruce and Evi Howard are Harry Potter fans and recognized the tremendous potential of Harry Potter early on.  Located in Beverly Hills, California, USA, they carry a huge selection of collectible UK and US books and kindly help identify fraudulent signatures.
  Mystery Pier Books - Harvey and Louis are transplanted Brits. They were among the first to bring J.K. Rowling to the U.S. for a visit (thanks!) and are true gentlemen who run a lovely shop.
  RJ Julia Booksellers - This bookseller is on this list because they have provided me with truly exceptional customer service.  They host quite a few authors on book tours and usually you can preorder a signed book for the same cost as the book alone.
  Sqwubbsy Books - Nigel is a great guy with a nice selection of unsigned Harry Potter books. He has a very nice selection of other U.K. children's books, priced reasonably.  It's always a pleasure doing business with him. 
Collectibles Christmas Year Round - Cool gifts with lots of nice, reasonably-priced Harry Potter collectibles. Owned by one of our group's members. 
  Gentle Giant, Ltd. - Look here for lifelike busts of your favorite Harry Potter characters. 
  Noble Collection - Very nice Harry Potter/LotR Collectibles with a wide price range. These items are resold on eBay, often for more money. Buy direct online to save!
  WB's Harry Potter Shop - Warner Brothers official Harry Potter merchandise. Better prices on HP watches than you'll find on eBay!
Cool Web Sites HP4U - Owed by one of our members, HP4U is a family-oriented site which publishes lots of great set reports.
  Tommy Lee Edwards -  Tommy Lee Edwards is a celebrated comic book and movie illustrator whose wonderful art appears on a lot of HP1 merchandise.  He has very generously donated items to our giveaway contests.  Visit Tommy's site to see some of his work and check out the pieces he currently has for sale!  If you order his book or any he's illustrated from Amazon through the link on our front page, a portion of your purchase will support our site at no charge to you.
  Voldemort's Vault - Relatively young web site dedicated to collecting Harry Potter memorabilia. 
Displays Potomac Displays - All kinds of display items - cases, risers, easels, and display boxes. 
  The 2 Buds - Great display items for trading cards and other collectibles.
J.K. Rowling Interview with Amazon UK 
  Video of the Reading in New York City, 2006 
  Web Site
What to Do If You've Been Had Looks Too Good To Be True - Look here for great tips and information on Internet Fraud.

Don't hesitate to contact us, too. We've helped numerous fans get their money back after a bad transaction.  All identifying information is kept confidential. 

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