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If you have any questions about our site or the information we present here, please send us an email here.


Can we help you?

If you have a question about a collectible, J.K. Rowling and cast signatures, or an auction, please send us an email here.  If you are asking about a signature, please include a clear photo.

Bruce and Evi Howard of Bookbid Books have graciously agreed to look at J.K. Rowling's signature for our members and visitors.  They have many years experience selling top-quality Harry Potter books and signed books.  Please contact them here.



We now only accept applications for working memberships.  If you would like to join JKR's Army and actively help us inform and protect Harry Potter fans, please send me an email telling me about yourself and why you'd like to help here.


Who writes this stuff?

My name is Marjorie thor Straten.  I founded JKR's Army and wrote most of our content which is found in eBay guides, and on this web site.  My specialties are the U.S. and U.K. Harry Potter books, J.K. Rowling's signature, eBay frauds, and most cast signatures. Our other members, including HP4U, have a wide variety of knowledge about such things as Harry Potter books worldwide, cast signatures, collectible watches, Christmas ornaments, trading cards, and other collectibles such as Gentle Giant figures, Noble Collection items, and  action figures.  They contribute to this site and will be credited when their research is posted.


Intellectual Property and All That Stuff

This information as it is presented here is the intellectual property of the individuals identified as JKRís Army.  However, since our goal is to educate, please feel free to pass it on!  If you are a webmaster, you are welcome to place a link to us on your web site.  If you do so, please send me a note so I can check out your site to see if it can be added to the links in our Library.



Every member of JKRís Army is an amateur collector of Harry Potter items.  Although we each have certain areas of expertise, we are not experts.  As such, although we are glad to help you learn, we should not be considered definitive authorities on this subject matter.  Although we really are pretty good at this stuff, we may actually make a mistake.  Hard to believe, I know...



Maggie (for her knowledge and generosity), Kevin of HP4U (ditto!), Henry thor Straten (for designing our wonderful logo), Leela Starsky (for creating our logo Wizard), Rocco Andrews (for his patience and technical advice), and every member of the Army who contributes to our knowledge.  You all amaze me!  Thank you!


Help Us Clean Up eBay!

As we all know, eBay occasionally lists some really special Harry Potter treasures. However, the operative word here is "occasionally". The vast majority of signed books and memorabilia on eBay are fraudulent. Every day, dozens of HP fans, both young and old, are swindled by unscrupulous sellers. I have spent four years sorting through the garbage, and some of it is cleverly crafted. Even the most careful shoppers can end up owning a worthless item.

eBay has recently taken some steps which offer a bit of relief. They are allowing members to post "Guides" on topics. You can write a guide, relate it to a product, and when people search for that product, they will also have access to your guide. This is a nice start, but does not fully address the problems which exist on eBay for HP fans.

I know there are many good people who read this site. I also know many of you are also eBay-ers (as am I). Other collectors are receiving better protection than we are because they have been more vocal. I challenge you to make this a time of change for us. You can help us affect change by taking the following action:

  • Report ANY seller who lists items which are forged or break copyright law.
  • Post your concerns on the eBay discussion board or in the eBay Chatter section.
  • Write a Guide or two to help your fellow HP fans who shop on eBay.

If you have an eBay account ---

If you do not have an account ---

  • Call eBay to express your concerns. They can be reached at 800-717-EBAY (800-717-3229).

Additional Phone Numbers:
          (408) 376-7425
          (408) 376-7400
          (800) 322-9266
          (888) 749-3229

  • Write eBay at their Corporate Headquarters:

                eBay, Inc.
                2145 Hamilton Ave
                San Jose, CA 95125 

Let them know how you feel and if you've had bad experiences with "signed" Harry Potter items. Some of the other issues you may want to express your concerns about include:

  • "Signed" Books - Why doesn't eBay post a warning about signed books when you search for them? They post warnings about other categories. Why not this one? It costs nothing and reputable dealers would have nothing to fear.
  • "Signed" Memorabilia such as Posters and Photos - This is probably the most corrupt search category on eBay. Once again, why haven't they posted a warning?
  • Copyright Infringement - J.K. Rowling, Warner Brothers, Bloomsbury, Scholastic, etc. took the financial chance to bring us this material. It belongs to them legally. Revenues from the sales of licensed items directly or indirectly support everyone from Ms. Rowling herself to the young person serving coffee at the studio cafeteria. eBay has actively removed listings which infringe upon others' copyrights, why not protect the same rights as they apply to Harry Potter merchandise? Why are HP-related MP3 files and ebooks allowed on eBay? The buyer usually ends up getting a poor-quality, unlicensed item with no resale value. It is left up to the buyer to figure out that they are not getting a legal copy. Why don't Potter fans get the same protection as other segments of the eBay population?



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