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"... Of course, I was already well aware of JKR's Army and I am so very grateful for what you've done. In highlighting the seamier side of the forgery business, which ranges from the disappointed fan, who has parted from hard-earned cash, right through the nefarious criminal trades 'knock-offs' sometimes finance, you have done such an incredible thing. Anyway... my feelings on opening your letter and package were identical to those of Dumbledore's, when he found out he had his own underground army."
J.K. Rowling


 Now You Can Report eBay Forgers!

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I am VERY pleased to report that there has been a HUGE breakthrough in the fight against forged J.K. Rowling signatures on eBay!  Bruce Howard (who has supported our work for years by supplying his professional opinion as a courtesy to our readers) is now working with eBay to identify forgeries and get them removed immediately.  YOU can help!  If you see a book or other item which is supposedly signed by J.K. Rowling, and you suspect a forgery, you can report it to Bruce at bookbidbooks@aol.com.  He will check out the auction and have it pulled if he agrees that it is for a forged item.  Please note that this covers JKR's signature only; cast signatures are not covered. 


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Welcome to the Home of JKRís Army!

We are a small group of fans who love collecting J.K. Rowling/Harry Potter books, trading cards, toys, signed items, and other collectibles.  Our mission is to teach fellow fans how to buy books and signed items safely.

Our information comes from extensive research and personal experience. Combined, we have almost two decades of experience buying and selling. Harry Potter collectibles. We are very grateful to be affiliated with the wonderful web site:  HP4U.

If you have any questions about this site or our group, or would like help checking out a signature or item, please go to  About Us.


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Forgery Alert - When Harry Potter books or movies are released, there is a lot more opportunity for forgers to make money and illicit activity increases significantly.  Please be extra vigilant when making purchases this summer.  Remember, we're here to help and can screen items before you purchase or facilitate a refund if your purchase is not as-advertised. (July, 2009)

Constant Vigilance!

  Scrapbook Project - During our last forgery awareness contest, we gave everyone who entered an opportunity to leave a message for J.K. Rowling.  Fans left over 8,000 fantastic messages.  We assembled a sampling of 120 of them into a scrap book and sent it (and a flash drive containing all the messages) to Ms. Rowling.  We're very glad to report that she received the book and was thrilled with it!  Thanks to everyone who submitted a message.  They were a joy to read and we are honored to have been able to pass them on for you.  (May 2009)

FEATURED COLLECTING FUN: The Art of Tommy Lee Edwards

Tommy Lee Edwards is a celebrated comic book and movie illustrator whose wonderful art appears on a lot of HP1 merchandise.  Click on Tommy's illustration of Harry (to the left) to see some of his work and check out the pieces he currently has for sale!  If you order his book or any he's illustrated from Amazon through the link below, it will support our site.